I’m a 20-something communications, language and business professional, eternal wanderer and Gen Z rep from Finland lost in this crazy life, blogging about the ride the 21st century is from my lookout.

I have a number of interests, but overall, everything I do meets at the intersection of thriving as an individual while contributing to a better society and creating something new. I share my writings and ponderings of all sorts, but particularly reflections on the intersection of personal and professional life, societal constructs and just being human with its multitude of different facets.

I am interested in society and social change, new media and technologies, sustainable lifestyle, and adventures of all sort. On a personal level, I like sharing on social media about the mishaps of my life and the stories I have from along the way, as well as get really nerdy reflecting on where this world is going. On a professional level, my skills and knowledge include project management, diverse marketing and communications tasks, research, translation and copywriting. Find out more about me and my path here.