I’m a 20-something communications, language and business professional and eternal wanderer from Finland but living in The Netherlands, lost in this crazy life, blogging about the ride the 21st century is from my lookout.

I am an overall curious person and have always found it hard to put myself into a strict niche, which is why I’ve had a number of blogs and websites since as early as 2010. The biggest and most recurring topic overtime has nevertheless always been my love for travel and sharing about my adventures, a topic I’m currently particularly drawn back to sharing about. On the side, I do also enjoy writing and pondering on all sorts of topics, such as the intersection of personal and professional life, societal constructs and just being human with its multitude of different facets. I like sharing online about the highs and mishaps of my life and the stories I gather along the way, while developing myself professionally and reconciling these two aspects – that sometimes feel very contradictory. But that’s what life is, isn’t it?

I appreciate that you have ended up on this website, be it on purpose or by accident, and I hope you’ll join me on this ride of life! Follow me also on Instagram for more frequent and up-to-date stories!