An introduction


I’m Elli, and I’m a blogger. I guess that at this point, it’s okay for me to say it because even if there is no real proof of that (because I always delete what I am not satisfied with), I have had blogs of all sorts since the age of 12. Yup. You can just imagine what a blog run by a 12-year-old looks like. Actually no, stop imagining that.

Let’s just focus on the present moment, shall we. To give you some context, here’s my life story in short. I was born in Helsinki, Finland, where my parents are from. My whole childhood, my family has been moving around and traveling a lot, until I turned 15 and we came back to Finland, where I graduated high school and decided to start French studies at the university of Helsinki. I am now 20 and on the third year of my bachelor’s degree, which I will most probably have by next spring. In addition to French, I also study communications, which I am probably more interested in than French, and general linguistics, as well as having completed various courses in other subjects.

But your occupation is only one part of who you are, right? So, here are a few traits about me that might not come out from my “occupation”. First of all, I like to think of myself as a curious and bold person. I am interested in learning new things, and I am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone to do it. Whether it involves trying a new hobby, performing in front of an audience in a way that I’ve never done before, or going to a conference full of pros of a field that is completely new to me, I’m in. I’ll try it, and I’ll make m y opinion about it only after trying. I’m a curious person, and I believe that even when you don’t like something, you can learn from it. And I would like each of us to see stepping out of our comfort zone in a bit more positive light than we tend to. Rarely does it involve any real risk, so it is almost always a good idea and can make you grow as a person. Whether that involves culture, technology, natural sciences, sports, arts or anything in between, I’m all up for trying and discovering it. That is my number one philosophy.

Secondly, I am very fond of traveling. I have grown up discovering new cultures, adapting to new habits and seeing different places, and that has deeply stuck with me. Traveling is a wonderful thing, because it lets us see how different and yet so similar we are around the world. It gives an escape from the ordinary life, a way to take a break, some distance, to see things more clearly and also some sense of relativity. Because really we have it pretty good here in Europe, especially in Finland, even if sometimes we feel like everything is crap. Traveling is like living in a dream, another world than the one you’re “supposed” to be in. And that’s what I love about it. It’s totally possible to do, but it feels like something so special. As an eager traveler – or as I like to call it, an explorer – of the world, I want to share and transmit that passion and love for traveling to others. It is a disease that really is worth catching.  It’s addictive, it’s expensive (sometimes, compared to living in a rathole and eating pasta every damn day), and it’s risky (not really, but some people might think so), but it’s definitely worth it. I’ll show you.

Thirdly, I am a sucker for positivity and a baby. I’m just this tiny person in a big world learning about things. As most of us are if we dare to admit it to ourselves. I am a millennial, I am in my twenties, and I am still learning about this world and myself everyday. There are so many things that amaze me all the time, just like a baby learning to take their first steps. Those moments of amazements are not my weakness, they are my strength. They are proof that  there is always room for improvement, that “adult” is just a silly word, and that you can always get better. And as naive as that might sound, I believe there is so much good in this world, that if we just decide to see it, we can change the world. So wether you are yourself a millennial going through similar experiences and really feeling the peer support, or anybody else, a curious mind and dreamer who believes in a better tomorrow regarding yourself and the world, welcome. Welcome to my world and I hope you are as well saved by sunshine, or rain, or whatever it is that makes you happy, really.



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