The city in pink

I always thought the first place I’d visit in the US would be New York. I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve heard it’s a city with a soul, so I think I would like it. But life happens and it rarely goes as you plan it. This November, we boarded a plane to Paris with a friend, from where we flew all the way across the Atlantic and North America to the City of Angels. I didn’t really know what to expect, and hopped on the plane in mind that this is my friend’s dream trip and I’m kind of just tagging along. The perk of going somewhere with a little feeling of apprehension? You might be pleasantly surprised.

We arrived at LAX during sunset. The air was warmer than the climate I had been in since summer, and the sky was pink. Completely, wonderfully, pink. Like a layer of cotton candy had covered the whole city. I think it was already on the ride from the airport to the Airbnb that my attitude changed completely and I knew Los Angeles would move me more than I had expected before arrival.

If every city has a colour, Los Angeles is definitely that candy pink that fills the whole city at sunset. It was as mesmerising every time. It’s like all the buildings, even the air, had been painted for a moment, before the day changed to night. And the palm trees, always reminding that November can look different from the gray and frankly quite depressing scene we get up north.

In addition to the beautiful weather and colours, Los Angeles has the nicest people. I don’t know if that’s specific to LA or if it’s the same everywhere in the US, but people are so friendly and open that even as an introverted Finn you will open yourself to strangers. And that makes everyday life so much more fun and interesting.

LA also has a really relaxed and chill vibe over all, lots of artsy spots and creative people, a place that really gets you inspired to create, whatever your way of self-expression is. Together the weather, the fact that LA is one of the biggest spots for the film and TV industry, the over all vibe and culture really have everything to make you believe in the American dream. I didn’t imagine I would feel so positive about Los Angeles, but I was left with the hunger to discover more of this wonderful place that doesn’t know winters and that attracts dreamers across the world. ‘Til next time, LA.


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