Hey, I’m Elli.

I’m a third culture kid for whom change is the only constant and every day has to be lived to the maximum.

I’m driven by my love for people, the world and the will to make my input in all of the madness around. I call myself a realist dreamer with big plans and projects who pulls herself from time to time back to the ground. I love speculating as much as I love data analysis, creativity as well as realist planning, fooling around and having fun as much as focusing hard on solving a problem and finishing a project.

I’m a busy bee on a mission. On a mission for what? I’m not completely sure and don’t know if I’ll ever be. That’s why I try everything possible, jump into the unknown whenever I have the chance to, trying to make the most of my existence while not forgetting to enjoy the moment.

Whenever I am not hustling with a couple different project or alternatively trying to figure out how to get a couple extra hours in the day, I can be found with a nice cup of coffee, some good food, releasing energies in sports or on the other side of the world. I am curious, spontaneous and always up for an adventure, whether that consists in a long trip to a faraway place or an academic project of strategic planning. Balance is key.

Maybe you would need my expertise as a hustler. In case you would, let me share a bit more about myself.

Originally from Finland, raised between Finland, France and Bulgaria, I am currently doing a master’s degree in social media and society at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. I decided to pursue a master in media studies after my bachelor’s in French studies because of the potential that I see for social media to be used to make the world a bit better on a societal level, while trying to minimise the risks that it bears. Social and new media is here to stay, so I believe we should embrace it and implement it in our game, instead of falling into its game instead.

I’ve mentioned making the world better quite a few times, but what does that even mean? I stand for values such as diversity, equality, sustainability and freedom, and wish for a world where this could be achieved. Therefore, to find out more about the state of the world, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in communication for development at Malmö University, which I am currently completing by distance in parallel to my master’s in Groningen. And yes, I do still have a social life as well 😉

With this background, here are a few things that I can help you or your company with:

Translation and localisation – I have several years of experience with ENG/FIN/ENG and FRA/FIN/FRA combinations

Copywriting – I am a writer at heart and have always been. Whether you need creative content or a report or whitepaper, my hands will flow on the keyboard

Photography – Another passion of mine besides writing, I am self-taught and particularly enjoy photographing people, landscapes and food. For a few examples of my photography, have a look at my Portfolio

Virtual assistant – I’ve been planning family holidays before my teen years and love being the person who holds the strings and an eye on the big picture, plans the schedule and keeps the deadlines in sight. I would love to share my organisational skills with you if you need a second head to keep it all in check.

Social media content creation or advise – Through personal experience, independent learning and now my studies, I have gained a broad understanding of social media platforms and their possible uses for organisations

For more information, send me an email at heyimelli@gmail.com or have a look at my LinkedIn profile

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