Who am I?

I’m a 20-something hanging on the limits of Millenials and Gen Z (some call us zillenials, and I love it). I am a third-culture kid who grew up travelling, and constant change has somehow become a core component of who I am. I’m an energetic, driven yet chaotic oddball full of contradictions (aren’t we all though?) and questions on life that I stubbornly want to find answers to. I love travel, adventures of all sort big or small, newness, learning and getting out of my comfort zone, and I’m all about making the most of this life as an individual by doing things that drive us and make us happy and finding ways to bring together career and personal life in whatever way feels right. At the same time, I’m also concerned about society at large and eager to learn and do my part better in this world, and spend a lot of time reflecting on societal topics.

I am an eager writer and an amateur photographer. Writing and blogging as well as social media content creation have been a part of my hobbies for many years. I love diversifying what I do, and have taken on quite a variety of projects over the years. You can find a couple of the projects I’ve done over the years on my Projects page.

Want to work with me?

Professionally, I am a generalist with a range of skills I can adapt as needed, who is always eager to take on a new challenge. My areas of expertise can broadly be split in two categories:
– My creative side thrives at content creation and localisation. I have worked as a translator for several years, mainly translating subtitles of movies and tv series as well as website content from English to Finnish. I also have experience in content creation, copywriting and marketing, including planning and creating website content and landing pages, blogposts, social media content and paid marketing content.
-My nerdy project manager side enjoys helping growing businesses get and stay organised, as well as planning and strategising communications, content, or processes. I have experience in market research, social media planning, as well as business and organisation development, specifically on the topics of process improvements, internal communications and people operations.
Coming from a background of social sciences strongly related to current societal challenges, I get a particular spark from working on purpose-driven projects, where I get to put into practice my knowledge in societal impact work, be that in planning and executing a project or in storytelling choices.
If you want to connect, send me an email at ellimaija.tanskanen@gmail.com or check my LinkedIn profile.

My background

I have a bachelor in French Studies from the university of Helsinki (Finland), with minors in communications and language technology, as well as a master in Media Studies/Social Media & Society from the university of Groningen (The Netherlands) and one in Communication for Development from the university of Malmö (Sweden). I wrote my master’s thesis at the university of Groningen on the role of Twitter networks for environmental advocacy organisations based on quantitative research methods, and my master’s thesis at Malmö university on the role of platform capitalism in Instagram activism.

I see this website as a certain digital “book” that contains glimpses of me. I hope you will find in it crossings where our minds and stories intersect, and that those will be useful, or at least entertaining to you. If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let’s talk. Meanwhile, welcome to my digital story.

Ellimaija sitting on a round swing chair and looking to the left

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