Creative projects



My dear friend Kerttu and I have had great conversations from the day we met. One day we thought that maybe we should share some of those talks with others, and learn the process of making a podcast at the same time. That’s what we did and there was Strong In Theory. It’s a light “living room style” chat where we take the time to let our thoughts flow quite freely, always connecting the discussion in each episode to one general topic. The topics for the five episodes were drawn from out to-do lists, daily lives and reflections as uni students on the final stretch of our academic path, but also phenomena and questions somehow related to (new) media, as this is the field we are both passionate about and what to share some reflections on.

Instagram content creation

I use instagram as a platform to express myself in a lighter manner by capturing everyday thoughts and moments. It is a space for creativity, but also for reflection – a certain public diary.